Edible Sierra Nevada Plants


I have taken extreme care in providing accurate information in these keys, however, there is always the possibility of errors. Use these keys at your own discretion.

If you do not know how to use the keys find out now, here.

A Plant has no flowers; reproductive parts usually found in cones or underneath leaves
  B Plants herbaceous; leaves usually divided - FERNS, ETC. (Not Edible)
  BB Plants trees, sometimes shrubs; leaves entire, usually scales or needles - CONIFER GENERA

AA Plant has flowers
  B Flower parts mainly 4's and 5's; leaves usually pinnately or palmately veined; embryo with 2 cotyledons (the first leaves of the embryo of a flowering plant) - DICOTYLEDON GENERA / DICOTYLEDON FAMILIES
  BB Flower parts mainly in 3's; leaves mainly parallel veined from base; embryo with 1 cotyledon (the first leaf of the embryo of a flowering plant) - MONOCOTYLEDON FAMILIES

I would like to thank Norman F. Weeden for his informative book "A Sierra Nevada Flora", Brother Alfred Brousseau for the beautiful photographs he took through his lifetime, and the Berkeley Digital Library for their outstanding project.

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