Help Using This Dichotomous Plant Key

There are always two choices to pick from (i.e. A and AA).

If the plant does not have the characteristic of A, then drop down to the next AA (which could be some distance away).

After selecting either A or AA as the best description of the unknown plant, continue to B under the respective choice.

Again, choose the best description between B and BB and proceed to C under the respective choice.

Continue keying until given either a link to a plants edibility or a red colored Not Edible plant.

If you find neither choice fits, try returning to the previous step.

It is possible that the plant you are trying to identify is not on the list because it was not considered in the key or it is a new species.

It is also possible that a plant is labeled Not Edible, even though some part of it is. If there is a chance that someone will be hurt or killed eating some part of the plant, I have either left it off the edible list or put some kind of warning in the plants individual description. Also, plants that have an unknown edibility have been listed as Not Edible.

This dichotomous key is only for CONIFERS and FLOWERING PLANTS. Mosses, fungi, lichens, etc. are not covered. FERNS are not edible.

I take no responsibility for the consequescences if you identify a plant incorrectly or if this key is incorrect (I have done my best to make everything accurate).

If you do not understand a descriptive, there may be a glossary listing for it.

If you find any mistakes please email me at:
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